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Having a strong password is vital to your security online. It is important not to use any of your personal information when you crea-te passwords - particularly if that information is readily available on any of your social media accounts.

In other words, you should not use the title of your favorite movie, the name of your favorite football club, your mother’s name, your cat’s name, your date of birth, etc. Additionally, you should avoid using common and easy to guess passwords. Two of the most commonly used passwords are '123456' and 'password'. In general, it is best to create as much variation as possible in your passwords. That is, use both upper and lower case letters in combination with numbers and symbols.

Use different passwords

It is possible that you have several different online accounts, all of which require their own password. Some people believe that it is too difficult to remember all these different passwords – so they only use one and the same password for everything. In reality, memorizing passwords just requires a little practice. If you only use one password for all of your accounts, hackers and thieves can more easily gain access to all of your accounts and cause you serious problems.

Learn how to construct good passwords

The length of a password is important if you want to create a strong password. Your password should always be at least 8 characters, even if the minimum requires less. In addition to the length, secure passwords also include a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. This combination of characters makes it harder for others to successfully guess your password.

Think of phrases

One trick which you can use for creating a safe and secure password is to try to think of a passphrase instead of a single word. A passphrase is a short proverb or part of a song that you can use to build a strong password. For example, you can use a verse from a song and use the first letter from each word to create your passphrase. Then, you put it into an order that is easy to remember (singing as you type). You can also use special characters, uppercase letters and numbers in different parts of the password - and not only at the beginning or the end. For example, "NgGyU!nGlYd!1” (Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down) would be a strong password that is also easy to remember. A password should be easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess.

Make your lock pattern passwords save

Creating a safe lock pattern password on a device (patterns are mainly used for logging in and confirming app purchases) is as important as a good password with different numbers, letters, and symbols. Unfortunately, many people do not make good lock pattern passwords. 44 percent of pattern passwords were found to start in the upper left corner. 10 percent of locking patterns were also found to be shaped like a letter, usually the first letter of a family member's name. A safe pattern code consists of a pattern of lines that cross each other. It is important to disable the "make pattern visible" option so that no one around you can see the pattern as you enter it.

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Presentation "Money, inflation, price stability"


Dear friends! We offer you a presentation developed for conducting financial literacy classes with schoolchildren of 8-11 grades during the Global Money Week, which will be held in Belarus, like all over the world, from March 25 to 31, 2019.

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We offer to hold Global Money Week events online! 


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