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Book "Financial knowledge"


20th May, 2015 in the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus presentation of the publication "Financial knowledge" took place. 

Implementation of the project is now possible due to cooperation between the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and the Visa company.

For the first time the publication with the similar title was published by New Economic School with the assistance of Visa and Citi Foundation companies in 2009. Belarusian edition of the book was updated and published in 2015 by reference to specific features of national legislation in the area of finance regulation and financial market.

The aim of the presented publication is to increase financial knowledge of the young generation and adults. The authors of the book are: the Head of Chair of finances of the New Economic School, "Finances master" programme director, professor Aleksey Goryaev and the New Economic School "Financial knowledge" programme co-director Valery Chumachenko. Specialists of the National Bank, Polessky state university, the Belarusian Banks Association and the Belarusian Insurers Association worked at the adaptation of the Belarusian version. The book consists of nine chapters in which they popularly and using real examples tell about different kinds of financial activities: from planning individual budget to working with securities, investment principles, basic types of insurance.

The book is practical and topical, simple and interesting. There are a lot of "speaking" pictures, stories from real life, exercises and a glossary.

It was published 1500 issues. A part of the books will be given to Belarusian Republican Youth Union for further transfer to all the higher educational establishments of the country, a part – to the National Bank for giving financial capability classes, a part – to the National Library.

The issue of the tutorial "Financial knowledge" in the Republic of Belarus is the constituent part of global initiative of the Visa company aimed at the increasing of financial capability level of the population. This company was the first among the Belarusian market makers which in 2013 signed the Memorandum on cooperation in the financial capability area with the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

In the presentation took part:

Sergey Dubkov – Deputy Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus;

Mandy Lamb – general manager of Visa company, group of CIS and South-Eastern Europe;

Igor Kovalev – regional manager of Visa company in Belarus and Moldova;

The book authors:

Aleksey Goryaev –  the Head of Chair of finances of the New Economic School, professor, "Finances master" programme director;

Valery Chumachenko – the New Economic School "Financial knowledge" programme co-director;

Andrey Beliakov – first secretary of Central Committee of the non-governmental organization (CC NGO) Belarusian Republican Youth Union;

representatives of the Belarusian Banks Association;

representatives of the Belarusian Insurers Association.



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