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There is no Such Thing as Problems of Children …


Employees of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus visited the SOS Children’s Village situated in Marina Gorka...

SOS Children’s Villages are popular around the world; this model has been successfully operating for 60 years in 132 countries. Abbreviation SOS in the title refers to the international symbol of the distress signal SOS and symbolizes the urgent need of the most vulnerable members of society, children, in help and protection.

The Children’s Village-SOS in Marina Gorka looks like a small settlement with 13 houses on the common area. In each house lives a family – a SOS-mother and 6-8 children of different age and sex. Every family has its own life with its own affairs and concerns, habits and traditions. Children grow up, help the mother around the house, go to kindergartens and schools in school time, rest in camps and go on a hike during vacation.

 "And what kind of a bank is the National Bank?", "Why does not the National Bank print much money so that it is enough for everybody?", "What does the word "budget" mean?", "Explain what does  the term "dividends" mean", "Explain what is an overdraft" – guys, pupils of 9-10 grades, piled on questions.

We answered the questions, told children about bank payment cards, fraud on the Internet, warned that they should be careful with credits and loans, explained that inaccurate payments of interest and principal on the credit agreement can ruin a credit history, emphasized the importance of savings and safety of funds in deposits with Belarusian banks, as well as showed how to calculate the interest on the bank deposit.

We want to believe that in the life of these children, deprived of birth family and faced with difficulties in such an early age, everything will be fine! And our visit to the SOS Children’s Village in Marina Gorka will be a small brick in the foundation of their lives, as well as help teenagers to adjust more easily to the adulthood and become productive members of society.


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